Sun Protection from Dr. Hauschka: Natural Protection for Your Skin

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Summer is here, and with it, the bright sun. While we enjoy the warm days and sunlight, it's important to protect our skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Dr. Hauschka, known for its natural and high-quality skincare products, offers a range of sun protection products that are not only effective but also nurture and support the skin. In this article, we introduce three special products: Dr. Hauschka Sunscreen for Face SPF 10, Dr. Hauschka Tinted Sunscreen for Face SPF 30, and Dr. Hauschka After Sun Lotion.

Why Sun Protection is Important

UV rays can damage the skin by causing sunburn and accelerating skin aging. Long-term sun exposure can also increase the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, it is important to regularly use sunscreen to minimize these risks.

Dr. Hauschka's Philosophy

Dr. Hauschka relies on natural ingredients and holistic care concepts. All products are free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives, and contain high-quality, plant-based ingredients from controlled organic farming. This philosophy also runs through the company's sun protection range.

The Sun Protection Products in Detail

  1. Dr. Hauschka Sunscreen for Face SPF 10 - low (40 ml)

    This light sunscreen offers low protection and is ideal for daily use, especially with low sun exposure. It contains valuable ingredients such as carrot extract, calendula, and witch hazel that soothe and care for the skin. The cream is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and leaves a pleasant skin feeling without being greasy.

  2. Dr. Hauschka Tinted Sunscreen for Face SPF 30 - high (40 ml)

    For more intense sun protection, the tinted sunscreen SPF 30 offers high protection and a light tint effect that evens out the skin tone and provides a natural complexion. It combines UV protection with nourishing ingredients like pomegranate extract and avocado oil, which moisturize the skin and protect it from drying out.

  3. Dr. Hauschka After Sun Lotion (150 ml)

    After a day in the sun, the skin needs special care. The After Sun Lotion from Dr. Hauschka soothes and regenerates sun-stressed skin. With ingredients such as quince extract, shea butter, and jojoba oil, it provides intense moisture and supports skin regeneration. The cooling and soothing effect of the lotion makes it the perfect end to a sunny day.

Application Tips for Optimal Protection

  • Apply in Advance: Apply sunscreen about 20 minutes before sun exposure to allow the active ingredients to develop optimally.
  • Use Generously: Use a generous amount to achieve the specified sun protection factor.
  • Reapply Regularly: Especially after swimming, sweating, or towel-drying, reapply sunscreen.
  • Seek Shade: Despite using sunscreen, it is advisable to avoid direct sun exposure, especially during midday hours.

The sun protection products from Dr. Hauschka offer reliable protection against UV rays while caring for the skin with natural ingredients. Whether for daily use, more intensive sun protection, or after-sun care – these products are an excellent choice for anyone who values natural and high-quality skincare. Enjoy the sun, but always remember to protect your skin properly.

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